Razzies list is the usual mix of the bad and the really bad

It’s one of the biggest weeks of the cinematic year so how could I overlook the event that has had everyone talking? Yes, the nominations are out for the Razzies.
While Hollywood’s more serious souls were nervously awaiting Tuesday’s announcement of the Oscar contenders, the Golden Raspberry shortlist was released to almost-equal levels of excitement.
OK, not really, but they’re always worth a look and some of the less self-obsessed stars almost view recognition of their more embarrassing efforts as a badge of honour.
The shortlist contains the usual mix of the dire, the self-important and the downright weird, with the oh-so-serious Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and New Moon picking up plenty of nominations and comedy All About Steve, which you know is going to be rubbish without even seeing it, right up there. too.
Hannah Montana: The Movie also takes something of a metaphorical kicking, with protagonist Miley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray notching up the unlikely achievement of a father and daughter both being nominated. I’m sure they’re salivating in anticipation whenever they take a break from polishing those perfect teeth and rolling around in all their piles of cash.
Land of the Lost, Old Dogs and po-faced infidelity drama Obsessed are also on the list, while poor old Steve Martin gets a nod for his latest Pink Panther effort.
There’s an added twist this year as the Razzie panel will pick their worst actor, actress and film of the decade, with Ben Affleck, Eddie Murphy, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Battlefield Earth and Gigli all in the running, although how New In Town missed out is a mystery.
It’s the closest some of these films will get to winning any award, so expect some of their stars and directors to pitch up at the ceremony and poke fun at themselves, but I would be amazed if Beyonce Knowles (worst actress, Obsessed) was among them. We shall see.


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